Our  Exclusive Puppy Training Program

We have designed this page to describe in detail exactly what puppy training services we offer for our pups. This page has taken over a decade to develop. Nothing on this page is here by accident. Our training programs has trained many puppies and we have learned by experience exactly what training works and what doesn’t.

We have 5 training levels in our extensive Puppy Training Institute we offer at My New Trained Puppy. EVERY puppy from My New Trained Puppy is trained in at least one of these programs.

Puppy Academy- Training always begins at 6 weeks of age and continues till

12 weeks of age. That’s an average of 250 hours of professional training in 6

weeks of training.

Canine College- This is an additional 4 weeks of valuable training. In fact,

most of our pups are required to be in Canine College because it’s so valuable

to the continued training of the pups. 350 hours of professional training is given.

Master’s Program– Once a pup graduates Canine College, they are fully inoculated

making training even more diverse. Training in the Master’s Program ends when the

pup turns 20 weeks old. 450 hours of professional training is given.

Doggy Doctorate- This is a very popular program because pups are learning to

master all their commands. Training is done until they turn 6 months of age which

is a total of 600 hours of professional training.

Doggy Double Doctorate– Our newest and fastest growing program, we continue to

train pups into young adulthood. After a pup graduates from Doggy Doctorate, we move

the graduate into one of our professional trainers home. Your pup will go to a completely

new home and new surroundings and their house training, obedience training and

ocialization training will be stretched. Your pup will learn a completely new place to potty

train. Your pup will be extensively socialized and learn to live with a completely new family.

They will continue to be obedience trained but the focus will be on pushing your pup in a

new environment and getting them out of their comfort zone. We can see more easily any

weaknesses and work on them. We also can customize their training to meet the clients

needs more direct. Most DDD pups will also be Canine Good Citizen certified.

Each program is built to be able to provide not only a beautiful healthy puppy but a puppy that’s emotionally and mentally stable for life. It builds a solid foundation to become a therapy dog, a hunting dog or the best family dog you could ever have.

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